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ViciniVax was founded by four distinguished scientists from the University Medical Center Groningen; prof Hans Nijman, MD, PhD; prof Toos Daemen, PhD; prof Jan Wilschut, PhD; prof Ate van der Zee, MD, PhD and Alfred Nijkerk, PharmD and biotech entrepreneur from VenGen. Together with our cornerstone seed investors, they established an experienced management team to provide the leadership for this company. 

Toos Daemen
Toos Daemen (director pre-clinical research). Toos holds a MSc in Medical Biology from the University of Utrecht and a PhD from the University Groningen. She is Professor in Molecular Virology at the University Medical Center Groningen. Toos has extensive expertise in the area of the activation of the innate and adaptive immune system for cancer immunotherapy. Toos Deamen also is an expert in immunomonitoring of clinical immunotherapy trials for the biotech industry. At present Toos focusses on  immunotherapeutic strategies against virus-induced tumors like cervical cancer.
Hans Nijman
Hans Nijman (director clinical research). Hans is an experienced clinician in the field of Gynaecologic Oncology and staff member as Gynaecologic Oncologist at the University Medical Center Groningen since January 2003. His main focus of (translational) research is in the field of tumorimmunology and immunotherapy. He obtained several grants from the Dutch Cancer Society among those a Personal Grant to start his own research group at the UMCG. As principal investigator he has been responsible for several clinical trials. He is appointed as Professor (in Gynaecologic Oncology and Tumorimmunology) since March 2008 at the University of Groningen.